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“Chés DISEUX” (The Story Tellers), a group of Picard speakers who was active in the “Amiénois”, the region surrounding the city of Amiens in the north of France
... Their specialty:
the collaborative writing of texts in Picard.
The recording of these texts on audio-cassette was accompanied by a booklet containing the Picard and French texts on opposing pages.

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8 cassettes have been published! They are no longer available, but you can find some “diries” in their entirety and for others a short extract simply by clicking on the links below

“Diries” 1985 :
   “chés fermages” (Traditional Story),
   “éch miraque éd Ste Uphe” (Legend),
   “éch gayant d’Corbin” (Myth).

“Diries” 1986 :
   “ch’leu blanc d’Jean.nétte”    (Legend),
   l’affoère Gobin (The Battle of    Crécy in 1346 retold by those who experienced it).

“Diries” 1987 :
   “Ordin” (Science Fiction),
   la foère (Encounter between “Lafleur”, hero from Amiens, and sly L’il Baptiste).

“Diries” 1989 :
   “l’tête d’éch vieu d’or” (The Head of    the Golden Calf),
   doube assassinat din l’rue Motte (Double Murder    on rue Motte, a crime story),
   “in.ne histoère d’élections” (The    Story of an Election).

“Diries” 1991 :
   “éch tchœur d’in.ne mère” (A Mother’s Heart, a side-splitting melodrama),
   “chés noces éd Canapes” (The "Canapes" Wedding, the marriage of L’il Baptiste).

“Diries” 1993 :
   “Berluron.nette” (A Fairy Tale in true “Diseux” style),
  “él salle à tout foère” (L’il Baptiste’s fight with bureaucracy).

“Diries” 1995 :
   “él darin.ne répetition” (The Last Rehearsal, a hair-raising tale),
   “conseils éd révision” (L’il Edward, son of L’il Baptiste, doesn’t give up!).

“Diries” 1998 :
  “él gambe éd bos”(the wooden leg, an episode of the Amiens’ life at the beginning of the XVII century).
  "in rbattant ész hotons" (recalling memories, personal texts said by André Thierry, Pierre Duquet and Pierre Deglicourt).

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