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In the fall of 1984 at one of the “séries” organised by Laurent Devisme as part of the “Picardies d’Achteure”, five Picard speakers turned from reading well-known Picard authors to writing texts themselves, in Picard of course. With this, the group “Chés Diseux d’Achteure” was born.

The original five members quickly grew to eight who met regularly. Nine months later, “Chés Diseux” publicly presented their first “diries” (stories) in the cloister of the Place DeWailly in Amiens.

This all occured at the time of the “Universités Populaires des Picardies d’Achteure”. The Culture Office, organiser of these meetings, decided to publish the work of “Chés Diseux” on cassette accompanied by texts in both Picard and French.

Since this time, “Chés Diseux” have participated in numerous broadcasts on Radio-France-Picardie, have produced their own broadcasts for local radio stations including Radio-Amiens and R.G.R., and have subsequently organised several “soirées picardisantes”. They have continued the group work until 1999. In all, eight tapes have been produced.

In their “diries”, “Chés Diseux” have dealt with a variety of subjects, ranging from crime stories to science fiction, from parodies of melodramas to horror stories. With their work they demonstrate that Picard is very much alive.

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The members of the group are:

Brigitte ARNOUD (“él tchote darin.ne”, L’il last one )
Jean BALDWIN (†) (“Flavien”)
Jean-Pierre CALAIS, (“Tchot Phane”, L’il Phane)
Marie-Thérèse CALAIS (†) (“Mérence”)
Annie CHATELAIN (“mamzelle Annie”, Miss Annie)
Jean-Louis CHATELAIN (“ch’cousin”, the Cousin)
Pierre DEGLICOURT (†) (“éch Déglic”)
Marie-Madeleine DUQUEF (†) (“Tchotchote dél tcheue d’vaque”, Wee L’il one from the Cow’s Tail)
Pierre DUQUET (†) (“éch marister éd Creuse”, the School Master from Creuse)
André THIERRY (†) (“Théophile”)
Jacques VARLET (†) (“tchot Jacques”, L’il Jack)

Learning Picard requires a fairly good knowledge of French. Consequently, we have assumed it unnecessary to continue with the English version (thank Jeff) past these first two pages. Nonetheless, we recommend that you consult the chapter entitled “diries” where you will be able to hear excerpts from the texts by clicking on the speaker icon.

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